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In love with this series of photographs (Shows) by Arnhel de Serra depicting the often forgotten, or purposely avoided, world of country shows and specialty fairs.  

Arnhel de Serra, from the series Shows

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the architect’s brother

excepts from the whimsical, ongoing series by robert and shana parkeharrison.


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HelotesJeremy Deller, (2003)


My Pet Cloud

Endearing photo series by Michael Casker:

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Errors in Production

Heike Bollig
3 pink balloons

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the test of time

I think that Stan Douglas’s photo series of the grandiose dilapidated architecture in detroit is still very poignant. 

Michigan Theatre, 1998


little glimpses

I could browse endlessly through Sean Marc Lee's photographs.  Yes, they showcase beautiful girls and bicycles and cats, and I'm wary of the overpopulation of these kinds of images on the internet, but Lee infuses something more into his work.  The intrigue of people and places unknown and the rare ability to imbue otherwise mundane moments with a transcendent charm.

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